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Installation and Use

VirCru products are designed to be simple enough for our customers to assemble and install themselves. To assist with this process, we have included an Installation Guide and User Manual within your order and have a number of support options available through the contact details above.

All components should be installed according to these installation instructions. While VirCru products are built to last, we cannot guarantee the efficacy of any products installed incorrectly and any costs incurred as a result of obviously incorrect installation are the customer’s responsibility.

Whilst ownership of all devices passes to the consumer at the moment of order confirmation, the SIM card inbuilt within the VirCru Hub remains the property of VirCru. This SIM may be terminated in the event of non-payment by the consumer, and ordering a replacement SIM due to misuse may incur additional charges (NM – think we need to discuss with Tristan. I can’t recall what we’ve done in terms of the contract period with the mobile co.)

For any questions regarding the installation of our products, please contact VirCru Customer Services, 1 Ascot Road, Pershore, Worcestershire, WR10 2JJ.