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VirCru Remote Dual 12V DC Control Switch

Our Remote Dual 12V DC Control Switch gives you the power to remotely control up to two devices on your vessel, using the VirCru app. Power up your lights, get the heater warming up or even kick your fridge on and get the drinks frosty, all before you step foot on deck.
(Connects wirelessly to the VirCru Hub). Pro installation only recommended.



The VirCru Remote Dual 12V DC Control Switch enables you to remotely control any two 12V devices that connect to your boat’s DC power. This could include but is not limited to, fridges, lights, heating, dehumidifiers, battery isolators and more. This small, unassuming piece of electrical engineering has the power to revolutionise the relationship you have with your boat. Any two devices that receive DC power can be controlled entirely remotely from your smartphone. No more waiting for the fridge to cool down enough to put drinks in – switch it on from home or on the way to the marina. No more unsteady boarding onto a dark boat, no more freezing in a cold cabin waiting for the heater to do its job. Make your boat just that bit more inviting with the installation of this neat device.

And with the VirCru app you can keep your vessel’s power at your fingertips with a few taps on your smart device of choice. Supported on both android and iOS, remotely monitoring and interacting with your boat has never been easier. To use the DC Switch you will need to have both the app and the VirCru Hub.

The Remote Dual 12V DC Control Switch can remotely control any two 12V devices with a total load of up to 10A that connects to your boat’s DC power, which means the potential possibilities are really up to you, the user. The DC switch can have normal light switches/ toggle switches wired into it locally on your boat. This means that when on the vessel you can use onboard switches as if the DC Switch isn’t even there. The switch is compact allowing it to be fitted neatly and discreetly out of view meaning all cables can also be hidden.

The VirCru Remote Dual 12V DC Control Switch WILL NOT work on a 24V system.

An important note – unless you really know your way around the engine and electricals of your vessel, we strongly recommend getting a professional to install this device. Whilst this boat DC switch really does give you many different options for powering and controlling other devices onboard, you don’t want to damage any of them by installing it incorrectly.

Technical Details

Typical 1mA
Max output current 10A per channel, 10A total
Connections pluggable screw terminals
Mounting 2 x Screws


VirCru Remote Dual DC Control Switch

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