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VirCru Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Any engine or heater that uses a liquid or gas fuel (i.e. not electric) produces high amounts of carbon monoxide, which is lethal to almost all life on the planet – including you. It is also highly flammable. Boats are rarely completely airtight internally so the risk of a carbon monoxide leak build up in a cabin area is possible. Alerting you to the issue is therefore paramount for your safety, which is why we are pleased to provide the VirCru Carbon Monoxide Alarm!
(Connects wirelessly to the VirCru Hub)


Carbon monoxide is an odourless, colourless, flammable gas that without something in place to monitor, would build in density until it is too late to do anything about. It is imperative that CO levels are monitored effectively on a boat, and that owners are alerted when on or offboard. Luckily, the VirCru Carbon Monoxide Alarm is available to help combat this dangerous gas.

Your safety is paramount, and we take it very seriously. That’s why we partnered with Fire Angel to provide you with a market leading boat carbon monoxide alarm that will notify you when you are both onboard and off, via sound through the alarm and through the VirCru Smart Boat App. Fire Angel are a leading and trusted fire safety manufacturer who are the gold standard in CO alarms.

Care should be taken when installing the alarm to ensure that it is in a cabin area and not in the engine room of your boat as these areas will build up with CO over time as a byproduct of the engine running. Installing the sensor itself is as easy, using the off the shelf fixings of the FireAngel detector.

With the VirCru app you can monitor your vessel’s CO alarm with a few taps on your smart device of choice. Supported on both android and iOS, remotely monitoring and interacting with your boat has never been easier. The app is necessary for you, the user, to be notified of CO detection by the Carbon Monoxide Alarm remotely. Though the alarm will also function as a standalone device and produce the siren noise on detection of CO. The Carbon Monoxide Alarm communicates with the VirCru Connected Hub which then transfers the data to  our servers and on to your app. This will then send notifications to your smart device whenever your CO Alarm activates. As an added bonus, the Carbon Monoxide Alarm Sensor also keeps track of ambient temperature where the sensor is installed.

Technical Details

Dimensions 114mm (width) x 94.5mm (height) x 40mm (depth)
Supply voltage 3V DC
Battery 10 year sealed for life lithium battery
Technology Advanced electrochemical and Wi-Safe 2
Alarm sound level 85dB(A) at 3m (minimum)
Installation positions Wall / Free-standing
Operating temperature +4°C to +38°C
Operating humidity Up to 90% RH non-condensing
Storage temperature -20°C to +60°C
Storage humidity Up to 93% RH non-condensing
Plastic material ABS, UL94 VO fire retardant
Weight 190g

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