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VirCru Hub-2 Launch Bundle

VirCru’s Hub-2 Launch Bundle gives you Battery, Bilge, High Water & Security monitoring, our Location-based functionality & more.
(Requires subscription)


Available on backorder

The VirCru Launch Bundle with Hub-2 enables you to monitor:

1 x Battery Pack
Boat Angle
High Water Sensor
Door Opened (via our Smart Tag)
GPS, 2G/4G and Wireless Connectivity

Also, delivered through the App are our Trip and Inventory Management Systems.

The VirCru Hub-2 Launch Bundle comes with:

VirCru Connected Hub-2
VirCru Tag
VirCru High Water Sensor


GPS Position
GPS GeoFencing
Battery Voltage (Main Battery)
Boat Angle Monitoring
Cabin/Interior Temperature (depending on Tag location)
Outside/ambient Temperature (depending on Tag location)
Flood Detection

The VirCru Tag can then be used for one of the following:

Door open or closed (multiple applications for use across cabin, hatch, engine cover etc.)


Device Location (multiple applications to monitor if your outboard, tender, paddleboards etc. have been removed from your boat)

Technical Details

Supply Voltage 8-32V DC
Supply Current Max 500mA, Typical 5mA
Internal rechargeable lithium backup battery, typical life 1 week with no external power

Dimensions 100mm diameter x 35mm high

Cable Length 2m
Fused Cable Termination 2 x 10mm rings
All fixings 316l grade stainless steel
Mounting, Ultra-Easy Dual Lock System

Powered by internal CR2477 Lithium battery with 10 years life

Tag Dimensions 66x62x18mm
Magnet Dimensions 25x8x9mm
Mounting 3m Dual Lock / VHB Tape

Powered by an internal CR2477 Lithium battery with 10 years life

Dimensions 66x62x18mm
Cable length 200mm
Mounting 3m Dual Lock / VHB Tape


VirCru Hub Manual
VirCru Tag Manual
VirCru High Water Sensor Manual

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How many battery packs do you have?

How many cabins are there onboard?

Do you have a tender onboard?

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