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VirCru PIR Motion Sensor

VirCru’s Motion Sensor detects if there is an unexpected intruder, human or otherwise, on your boat.


Connects wirelessly to the VirCru Hub

The VirCru Passive Infrared Motion Sensor detects intruders, either human or animal, that have unexpectedly entered the interior of your boat.

Designed to be ceiling mounted in the main cabin of your boat, the VirCru Motion Sensor connects wirelessly to the VirCru Hub. Like all VirCru products, it has been designed to be simple to install using peel and stick technology.

The VirCru Motion Sensor also monitors ambient temperature.

Technical Details

Powered by internal CR2477 Lithium battery with 10 years life
Dimensions 66x62x20mm
Detection range 6m
Mounting 3m Dual Lock / VHB Tape


VirCru Motion Sensor Manual

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