Firmware Update V32 – Issues

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18th August 2023, 14:15hrs

We recently rolled out V32 Hub firmware to fix a number of GPS and battery reporting problems along with a number of other minor problems. This has resulted in a few display/reporting problems that were not picked up in testing. These have been fixed and are currently being tested, we hope to push another update out next week (after testing) that should resolve these.

For info: the Hub reboots itself on a 24-hour frequency (the time will normally be 24 hours after the previous planned reboot unless an unplanned reboot occurs in which case it will be 24 hours after that). During reboot the Hub clears all of its stored data (deliberately so that any corrupt data is not fatal). The Hub reboots with default settings (including thresholds). User settings (stored on our servers) are then restored following the reboot. This takes a variable but short time to complete.

Improvements made during V32 sped up this process which led to the unplanned consequence of the ‘battery ok and voltage’ event being displayed after reboot (these appear every 24 hours on the app sensor page).

We introduced a 30-second delay on battery reporting to overcome alerts that kicked in for momentary voltage dips, this compounded this reporting issue.

Additionally, if it’s a 24V system the default settings are still based on a 12V system. In this case, if on reboot it reports the battery status before the Hub has user settings restored it will report High Voltage.

We will update when the next version of Hub firmware fixing these issues is rolled out.

Finally, unrelated to Hub firmware we fixed a server issue yesterday that was causing problems on the display and adjustment of Engine Hour data.