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VirCru Victron (VE.Direct) Interface

The VirCru Victron VE.Direct Interface allows you to monitor your Victron Energy devices entirely remotely! Give yourself additional peace of mind, as well as more information on your vessel with VirCru.
(Connects wirelessly to the VirCru Hub).



Own a Victron Energy device but have been in the dark on what state it is in when you are away from your vessel? The VirCru Victron Interface gives you all the data about your VE.Direct devices at your fingertips. In a single sentence, the VirCru Victron VE.Direct Interface connects to Victron Energy (specifically VE.Direct) equipment (battery monitors, chargers etc.) and allows access to detailed battery data, state of charge information, and lots more!

Many vessels use Victron hardware from battery monitoring to solar charging and inverters. And with good reason, they are excellent products! Which is why we at VirCru thought Victron VE.Direct product owners should have the additional peace of mind that being seamlessly connected to your VirCru system allows. Total remote monitoring of your Victron devices is now available through this elegant bit of kit. However, when present on your vessel, the local Bluetooth connection on your Victron Device will still be available for configuration purposes.

How do you monitor it remotely?

With the VirCru app, you can keep your vessel’s Victron VE.Direct device readings at your fingertips with a few taps on your smart device of choice. Supported on both Android and iOS, remotely monitoring and interacting with your boat has never been easier. To use the Victron VE.Direct Interface you will need to have both the app and the VirCru Hub. The Victron VE.Direct Interface connects to your compatible Victron product using the VE.Direct interface and will display readings in the VirCru app. Please be aware that for the VirCru Victron sensor to work, you must already have a compatible Victron device. For a device to be compatible it must have a VE.Direct port present to connect the VirCru sensor to.

The Victron Sensor can measure the following input channels from the VE.Direct interface:
• Main or Channel 1 Battery Voltage
• Auxiliary (Starter) Voltage
• Panel Power
• Main or Channel 1 Battery Current
• Load Current
• Battery Temperature
• State-of-Charge
• AC Current
• AC Power

Of these channels, the following inputs have configurable alerts in the VirCru app:
• Main or Channel 1 Battery Voltage
• Main or Channel 1 Battery Current
• Battery Temperature
• State-of-Charge.

It’s worth noting that due to the way Victron broadcasts, some of the data in some cases (where VirCru is configured to listen but Victron is not configured to report that particular info) it may display as corrupt data, in these circumstances, we recommend disabling this output in the App.

Check the compatibility for your Victron device with the VirCru Victron Interface, and a full list of protocols, on the Victron website here:

Technical Details

Powered from the VE.Direct Interface
Dimensions 66x62x18mm
Cable length 200mm
Cable termination JST 4-way Plug
Mounting 3m Dual Lock / VHB Tape


VirCru Victron (VE.Direct) Interface Manual

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