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VirCru Connected Hub-2

A VirCru Hub is required to run your boat monitoring system. One of the two options is the ‘VirCru Connected Hub-2‘. It’s ultra-easy-to-fit lightweight enclosure and built-in features allow all sensors to connect to the hub, transfer the data to our servers, onto the app and communicate the information they are collecting. However, the Connected Hub is also a sensor itself – monitoring battery activity, as well as our location-based functionality, and much, much more!
(Requires subscription)


The brain of the VirCru nervous system, the ‘VirCru Connected Hub-2‘ with its ultra easy-to-fit enclosure is one of two options that collects and communicates all of the data your sensors produce and translates it into information that is shown on your app. As such, this device is necessary to install for all VirCru systems. The smart hub allows you to have complete peace of mind that your vessel is peacefully moored. And will alert you if it is not.

The Connected Hub is so much more than just a processor, it is a vital sensor and critical part of our system, enabling you to monitor:

  • 1 x Battery Pack
  • GeoLocation
  • GeoFence
  • Boat Angle
  • Additional functionality including multiple battery banks, bilge pump operation monitoring and many more functions can be achieved by adding wireless sensors

Making it one of the most powerful and versatile base smart hubs on the market! It also offers GPS, 2G/4G and Wireless connectivity, via a fitted roaming SIM, giving you access to our huge network that covers all of Europe and is being expanded to cover more! This gives you the best possible connectivity available and is one of the aspects of the VirCru brand that we are most proud of.

The VirCru Connected Hub can connect with every one of our sensors, such as the High Water Sensor, or the PIR Motion Sensor. We highly recommend our entry level Launch Bundle to beginners in the boat monitoring system world, it gives you: battery, high water and security monitoring, our location-based functionality and more.

And with the VirCru app you can control your vessel’s monitoring system with a few taps on your smart device of choice. Supported on both Android and iOS, remotely monitoring and interacting with your boat has never been easier. The app is necessary for you, the user, to communicate with your Connected Hub and monitor your system remotely. The smart hub also gives you access to our Trip and Inventory Management, which are available within the VirCru App. 

All VirCru products have been designed specifically for the marine market and to be as easy as possible to install. The Hub-2 version of the Connected Hub provides for internal or protected mounting with its ultra-easy-to-install Dual Lock system and light polycarbonate enclosure.


GPS Position

GPS GeoFencing

Battery Voltage (Main Battery)

Boat Angle Monitoring


Technical Details

Supply Voltage 8-32V DC

Supply Current Max 500mA, Typical 5mA

Internal rechargeable lithium backup battery, typical life 1 week with no external power

Dimensions 100mm diameter x 35mm high

Cable Length 2m

Fused Cable Termination 2 x 10mm rings

All fixings 316l grade stainless steel

Mounting Ultra-Easy Dual Lock System



VirCru Hub Manual

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