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You Told Us, We Listened

At VirCru we love getting customer feedback. It helps us improve all aspects of our business but, being at heart a technology and engineering business, it’s product feedback that inspires us to be better the most. So, we thought we’d share with you some of the feedback that has really helped us to make our products even better.

The 27V Problem…

One of our customers with a boat based in Finland was unable to activate their VirCru Hub at all. They had noted a small spark when they initially connected the Hub to their boat’s battery and after that were unable to get any response from the Hub at all. 

Our Hub had been specified to work with a supply voltage range of anything between 8-32V but surges of up to 27V whilst using a 24V supply caused an issue with the internal charger of the unit beyond what had initially been tested. Our customer kindly returned the unit to us so we were able to diagnose the issue and we were able to ensure that this issue didn’t impact any of our other customers so that we continue to not only have the most cost effective Smart Boat Monitoring System but also the most robust. 

The Amazing Moving Boat

Another customer contacted us as they were receiving multiple alerts that their boat had moved outside of its set GeoFence. There were a number of issues with this… Firstly, their boat was in a marina and they knew it was where it had been left. Secondly, it appeared that their boat had moved significantly (and when we looked at the data it also looked like it was moving significantly both on and off land!)

On checking the data from our GSM connected Hub, we could see that the issue appeared to be related to mobile connectivity being highly inconsistent. We discussed with our customer and talked through where they had positioned their Hub on the boat and agreed that it had insufficient ‘clear sight of sky’ (i.e. there was quite a lot of ‘boat’ between the Hub and the sky… other electrical equipment, metal work for the main cockpit and console..) that was causing the issue. We talked them through the best place to relocate it for best GSM reception and the issue was solved. 

This feedback enabled us to update all our product information to ensure that we gave clearer instructions on how and where best to install our VirCru Hub.

The Need to be Dismissive

Multiple customers have contacted us asking if there was a way in the App that they could bulk dismiss alerts. The short answer to this was no. However, given the number of requests we felt it was only right that we that we update the app to make this possible as it was a real source of frustration. To make this as easy as possible, in order to bulk delete alerts you just delete the latest alert from a particular sensor or output and any previous alerts relating to the same sensor or output will automatically also be deleted. Couldn’t be easier.

Our list of improvements to the VirCru App isn’t just based around accommodating updates to phone operating systems (unlike some we could mention…) but about constant improvements based on the way our customers use VirCru and the feedback we get from you. So please keep the ideas and feedback coming, it helps us to improve, keeps us on our toes and ensures we give a better service to our customers.