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Alex Goes Sailing

Installing new electronic devices yourself can feel like a daunting challenge. That’s why we designed VirCru to be as straightforward to use as possible. 

Don’t believe us? 

Check out this new installation video from Alex Goes Sailing!

Alex – 

“One feature I like is how easy it is to set it all up. You can do it an hour or less and scanning in all the devices is so easy with all the QR codes. Apart from that it’s a bit of double sided tape, and on it goes!” 

Key moments from Alex’s video:

Alex connects his Hub to his battery pack – 4:50

Alex shows how easy it is to pair a Smart Tag to his Hub – 13:02

Alex shares his favourite features, including the automatic TripLog and instant location sharing – 16:55 

The VirCru Hub can be mounted in a variety of places onboard. We’ve labelled the wires so connecting the Hub to your battery pack is as straightforward as possible. 

Each wireless sensor comes with it’s own dedicated instruction manual and takes just a few seconds to pair to your Hub.

Once paired, simply peel and stick your sensor wherever you like onboard. 

No wires, no hassle!