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VirCru Battery Sensor

The VirCru Battery Sensor monitors the DC Voltage of a battery, as well as the status of your isolator switch.
(Connects wirelessly to the VirCru Hub)


The VirCru Battery Sensor connects to your battery or battery pack and monitors voltage. In the VirCru App you can set the high and low levels and receive alerts when these thresholds are reached.

The VirCru Battery Sensor can also monitor the status of your isolator switch as well as the ambient temperature of where the sensor is located.

Technical Details

Powered by internal CR2477 Lithium battery with 10 years life
Dimensions 66x62x18mm
Cable length 500mm
Cable termination 3 x 10mm rings
Mounting 3m Dual Lock / VHB Tape


VirCru Battery Sensor Manual

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